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Why CakePHP is Best for Web Development

Posted By technource1 743 days ago on Mobile Design - As per top-notch CakePHP development company, CakePHP is dominating the web development domain with its exclusive services and features. Do you know why it is one the most preferred framework to develop trending web solutions? As it follows the ‘Convention over Configuration’ design paradigm.  Learn more about this framework with this blog. Learn the top 11 reasons why CakePHP is a stand-out PHP framework?

How to develop Intermittent Fasting Apps?

Posted By technource1 744 days ago on Mobile App - How to develop Intermittent Fasting Apps? The concept of ‘Intermittent Fasting’ has taken the spotlight since on-demand app development services rose and apps like ‘Zero’ received success. Intermittent fasting or IF is a process of improving one’s physical and mental health by introducing patterns in the way one eats. It focuses more on ‘when to eat’ rather than on ‘what to eat’....

eCommerce App Development Cost Estimation With Features

Posted By technource1 744 days ago on Technology - eCommerce mobile app development is trending due to the increased demand of users. Planning to hire eCommerce developers? You should be aware of the different types of eCommerce mobile apps that exist in the market? What are the top 5 essential features for eCommerce mobile app development? Do you wish to create a mobile platform for your eCommerce business? Learn more about the cost and features of an eCommerce mobile app with this blog.

How Much Does It Cost To Design a Mobile App

Posted By technource1 744 days ago on Development - Design is an important aspect of any app, whether it’s web or mobile. But among the 2.87 million apps on the Google play store, 1.85 million apps are just a copy of the other. We already wrote a blog about the website Revamp cost, In this blog, we will cover how to estimate mobile app design costs and other app designing things you must be aware of if you want to create a mobile app that sells.    

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