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Voted News

How much does it cost to build a Basic Taxi App in 2021?

Posted By harveyh 59 days ago on Mobile App

https://aglowiditsolutions.wordpress.com - Nowadays, people have so much busy life and living in large cities which have much traffic and lack of parking space for cars. But, the taxi service app like Uber has become the solution for all the above problems. It is providing 24*7 hours for...

Why Grocery Apps Like InstaCart In High Demand During the Outbreak of COVID-19?

Posted By harveyh 186 days ago on Technology

https://ronakpatel.kinja.com - Everyone knows how essential groceries are in today’s life. Even if the pandemic is making a lot of losses in many sectors, grocery shopping is still on the rise due to the increase in free time for the people. The groceries have a lot of...

Reasons behind the rising of online grocery service app like ShipIT.

Posted By harveyh 184 days ago on Technology

https://www.vingle.net - The online service for delivering the grocery is the best form of service that one can get. All one has to do is placing of the orders and it will get delivered without any worries. The deliveries are ensured to have the highest standards for...