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A pop of color & more updates to Android’s brand

Posted By cbitssexp 1 day 22 hours ago on Articles -

Over the past decade, Android's open platform has created a thriving community of developers and manufacturers that reach a global audience through their devices and applications. This has expanded beyond mobile phones, tablets, cars, watches, televisions, etc. There are more than 2.5 billion active devices worldwide. As they continue to build Android for everyone in…

With Ops, NanoVMs Seeks to Make Unikernels More Accessible - cbitssexp’s diary

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Unikernels as an operational model of application delivery has been around for many years. A fixed purpose os/image that contains only what service or application needs to run and does not have many advantages. Although similar to containers, Unikernel has discrete that they do not share anything wi…

Improving Accessibility in the Android Ecosystem

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With billions of Android devices in use around the world and a huge number of applications accessible on the Play Store, it may appear to be hard to drive change over the Entire  ecosystem, but the Accessibility Developer Infrastructure team is doing just that. Every time a developer uploads an APK or app bundle to…