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Circuit au Rajasthan avec un Chauffeur

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Foire Des Chameaux  a' Pushkar en rajasthan .

Laissez-vous charmer par la splendeur du Rajasthan et l'hospitalité de ses habitants ! Nous vous proposons la solution idéale pour partager votre expérience avec les locaux et découvrir toute la richesse de la culture indienne. Le Rajasthan surnommé la terre des princes vous offrira la splendeur de ses palais mais également la simplicité de ses villages qui semblent parfois s'être figés dans le temps. Une belle invitation à la découverte mais surtout, à la rencontre de l'autre. Assistez à la foire aux chameaux, qui se déroule chaque année au mois d'octobre ou de novembre, en fonction du calendrier lunaire hindou. Durant plusieurs jours de fête, des milliers de marchands de toutes les régions d'Inde affluent dans cette ville pittoresque pour vendre et acheter du bétail, des chameaux et autres animaux d'élevage.

Cat Ba island Biking Tours 2019

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This Day tour offers interesting activities. Customers will do biking trip along Cat Ba national park, visiting hospital cave, Cruising in Lan Ha bay where less touristy, do kayaking at three peach beach area, climbing up Monkey island mountain...

حجز طيران | حجز تذاكر طيران مع عروض رحلات رخيصة

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حجز طيران

تعرف على أفضل عروض حجز تذاكر طيران بأقل الأسعار إلى كل وجهات مشهورة حول العالم مع موقع رحلات واستكشف عروض الطيران المميزة عبر رحلات. 

7 Famous countries and their unusual capitals!

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Do you consider yourself an avid traveler? Let’s see if you know your capitals thoroughly! Several countries in the world face a situation when a city in the province gains more popularity due to various factors and is often mistaken as the capital city! This blog will uncover some of the most confused capital cities …

Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda Walking Tour

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Uncover the secrets of the country’s symbol Shwedagon Pagoda and get a sense of Myanmar’s deep religious heritage and vibrant cultural traditions on our half day walking tour. Visit the markets and monasteries surrounding the pagoda, where you can observe daily rituals and customs of the local’s religious life. Typical breakfast at a tea shop. Lunch at a local restaurant.

Program Details

Get ready at your hotel at 8am. Your guide will bring you to Daw Cho Mohinga Teashop for a typical local breakfast. Then, continue to the fascinating golden Shwedagon Pagoda for an exploration. Follow your guide to a collection of surrounding monasteries, workshops and markets, where you’ll be provided with unexpected insights into the culture of the Burmese.

After stopping to make small offerings to the monks residing at the shrine, wander the sprawling grounds of the temple complex. We’ll also stop by a local fortune-teller for your chance to hear about the Burmese spirits that

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characterise the country’s ancient religious practices.

Stare up in awe at the 99m gold-covered pagoda and its stupa before having lunch at Aung Thu Kha Restaurant.

Your exploration finishes at the door of your hotel.

Hoi An among world’s most wallet-friendly destinations

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Hoi An ancient town in the central province of Quang Nam has been given the 11th place among the 19 cheapest holiday destinations in the world in 2019 in the annual Holiday Money report compiled by Post Office Travel Money.