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Exterior flood lights on sales - Quality Exterior flood lights supplier

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In the top tiers of many professional sports, it is a requirement for stadiums to have exterior flood lights to allow games to be scheduled outside daylight hours. Evening or night matches may suit spectators who have work or other commitments earlier in the day, and enable television broadcasts during lucrative primetime hours. Some sports grounds which do not have permanent exterior flood lights installed may make use of portable temporary ones instead. Many larger floodlights will have gantries for bulb changing and maintenance. These will usually be able to accommodate one or two maintenance workers.


AL2543 loading arm Manufacturer, Factory,Find loading arm, in Lianyungang Hecha

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Welcome to Lianyungang Hechang Machinery Co.,ltd

Founded in 2009, Lianyungang Hechang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company focused on petroleum handling equipment( mainly products as swing arm, loading arm, disengaging hooks, etc. ) consultant, design, manufacturing, testing, installation and guide, system testing and maintenance. 

AL2543 loading arm


Model No.: -    Brand: HECHANG    Place of Origin: China Manufacturers

Packing: wooden or not

Chinese suppliers--Specifications

  AL2543 loading arm

  Product Details

  Model:AL2543 DN2550

  Suitable occasion:

  loading/unloading liquefied gas in the condition of the bottom sealing.

  Suitable medium:

  liquefied petroleum gas,propylene,butadiene,ammonia,and other liquefied gas.  ,Please click on the website to see

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We own the first-class professional team which has more than 20 years experience on research and development, produce, quality control, project management and comprehensive service for handling equipment. Our goal is not only providing for customers, but also find the comprehensive solution for customers.

Hechang supply LNG loading

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arm, quantitative loading system and marine loading arm, etc. We founded in 2009, We are a professional company focused on petroleum handling equipment.

Корпоративные подарки и рекламные сувениры

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В Компании Эклектика BY вы можете заказать подарки и сувениры корпоративным клиентам оптом с нанесением логотипа вашей фирмы или компании по выгодным ценам в Минске.

Μπλοκ, αυτοκόλλητα, χρώμα κιμωλίας, μαρκαδόρος κιμωλίας, κρέμα κεριού

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Δημοσιογραφικό μπλοκ με 0,40 ευρώ Αυτοκόλλητα χαρτιά σημειώσεων με 0,73 ευρώ Craftistico Χρώμα κιμωλίας 110ml, 3,70 ευρώ Μαρκαδόρος κιμωλίας, μύτη 15 χιλιοστών

PVC Gloves Production Line Factory, Pre-stripping Machine Exporter and Supplier,

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Welcome to Shijiazhuang Mining Area Fengwang Machinery Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Mining Area Fengwang  China Machinery Factories Co., LTD., founded in 1999, we professionally engaged in R&D, design and manufacturing of disposable gloves production lines. Our product distribution throughout the country and exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Malaysia, etc -- China Machinery Suppliers。

We have 3 Senior engineers, 15 technical staffs and more than 70 workers in our factory, our plant covers an area of 7,000 square meters.

Overview Model No.: 01    Place of Origin: China Machinery Manufacturers Specifications Driven force comes from the main chain by force passing device. This device has separate system for emergency stop. The force passing not only pass the force but also keep the speed of the line and stripping machine.

Gloves Stripping Machine Product Description--China Manufacturers

Uses for: Gloves production line strip the gloves from moulds

Features: Operating simultaneously with the production lines, with no motor, smoothly operation, low noise. Gloves can completed one-time from joint hand model, inflatable flanging, manipulator expand, manipulator move outward to off gloves, etc. Advantages are: High speed of stripping, less operator, low production costs, high product quality and pass rate, can replace the manual completely.

Power take-off frame output power through the mai

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n chain. There is a separation device on the force-taking frame. The Gloves Stripping Machine can stop working in an emergency situation. The power output of the take-off frame is transmitted to the ejector. When the stripper rotates and matches the line speed, the glove is partially removed.

Gloves Stripping Machine Advantages:  

1, stable operation and high stripping efficiency

2, low failure rate  ,Please click on the website to see Dear friends, Hifactory is China's best quality B2B platform. Buyers directly correspond to Chinese suppliers. The platform does not charge any fees. Buyers who need to purchase Chinese goods can search for Hifactory, register and communicate directly with Chinese suppliers.

Camless spring machine Factory, Exporter and Supplier, Manufacturer- China Ma

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Welcome to Dongguan Jingye Spring Machinery Co., Ltd.

ABOUT Jingye-- China Machinery Factories

Jingye is a well-known vertically integrated manufacturer of CNC wire and spring forming machinery.

Our team come from Vinston,Our main team worked in Vinston over 10 years then built our own company, from very small to a company covering 10000m^2, 50 members,turnover 6 million,assets 3 million USD.

With many years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, Jinye has become a China leader in CNC multi-slide spring & wire forming machines that cover wire ranges from 0.2mm-12.0mm, with features such as servo spinners,free arms, rotating wire, rotating quill and servo controlled hook stations.

China Machinery Manufacturers--We enjoy second biggest market of camless spring machine in China.More people prefer choosing Jingye machine because of lower price with high performance which not worse than Vinston,Our 6mm,8mm machine have very big advantages,many else brand spring machine supplier buy machine from us then sold to their customer.  ,Please click on the website to see

Dear friends, Hifactory is China's best quality B2B platform. Buyers directly correspond to Chinese suppliers. The platform does not charge any fees. Buyers who need to purchase Chinese goods can search for Hifactory, register and communicate directly with Chinese suppliers.


Model No.

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: JY25-10 r    Place of Origin: China Machinery Manufacturers



The basic parameters

Format:  The metric system

Import or not:  domestic

Tooth surface hardness:  The hard tooth face

Appearance: Cylindrical gear

Material:  Stainless steel, copper, cast iron, alloy steel

Brand:  conscientiousness

Type:  JY25-10 r

Detailed instructions

Processing custom: 

is the kind:

 spring machine


spring machine use: 

metal spring manufacturing

Motor power :

27 (kw) external dimension :

1850*1700*1600 (mm)

Weight :

4 (t) machining custom: yes


 spring machine alias: 

spring machine


 hardware spring motor power :

27 (kw)

Overall size :

1850*1700*1600 (mm) weight :

4 (t)

Steel wheel Factory, Steel gear Exporter and Supplier, wheel Manufacturer-China

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Welcome to Aotepu (dalian) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2000, and recombined in 2016, the initial purpose of setting up Aotepu (Dalian) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (herein in after called as Aotepu) was to help its sister companies to carry out export business. Aotepu is a leading manufacturer and supplier of large nonstandard industrial components according to engineer drawings. 

China Machinery Manufacturers--The products include gears, shafts, wheels, couplings, pulleys, housings, nonstandard machinery parts, wear resistant parts, structural components mainly used in Oil & Gas, resources, mining, agriculture, construction, machinery industries, etc.. 

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing OEM machinery parts according to engineer drawings, we not only know how to make the premium quality of products, but also can supply technical supports of new materials according to different working conditions in order to improve lifespan of our products.

Working as the partner of our valued customers ,our sales and customer service representatives are available at any time to attend our customers' needs. Offering one-stop service on mechanical products, we can supply measuring service at customers working site, designing and making engineer drawings, manufacturing and mounting service. Sincerely service, high quality and low price are our pursue goal all the time. 

China Mac

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hinery Factories - - Overview

Model No.: xp-1    Brand: xp    Place of Origin: China Machinery Manufacturers

Packing: Wooden Case    Material: 42CrMo,55#,60#    Color: Requirements

Certification: ISO    Load Capacity: 10T-400T    Wheel Diameter: 400-950

Keyword: wheel    Product name: forged wheel blank    Application: Industry


Product description   

Product Name    forged wheel blank

Material    steel

Mould process     forging

Processing    forging, rough machining, QT, finish machining

Heat treatment    quanching and tempering

Surface treatment    according to customer's requirments

Inspection    Raw material inspection, UT,physical property test,dimension inspect

Certification    Certification:  ISO9001

Application    Cement, mining,quarry,electricity and metallurgy industry