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Tobee® 12x10 Gravel Dredging Pump for Land Reclamation in Brazil

Posted By TobeePump 1 hour 7 minutes ago on Trading - river stone suction pump
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Slurry Pump Spare Parts

Posted By TobeePump 4 days ago on Trading - WEARING PARTS REPLACEMENTS

The wear rate of a solids handling pump is a function of the severity of the pumping duty and the abrasive properties of the material handled. Therefore, the life of wearing parts, such as impellers and liners, varies from pump to pump and from one installation to another.
Wearing parts must be replaced when the performance of a given pump no longer satisfies the requirements of a particular installation. Where a pump is used on a particular duty for the first time, and especially where failure of a wearing part during service could have serious consequences, Tob
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ee recommends that the pump be opened at regular intervals, parts inspected, and their wear rate estimated so that the remaining life of the parts may be established. For installation of new wearing parts, Pls email to [email protected]

Tobee® TPR150SV Vertical Slurry Pump Rubber lined is Ready for Shipment

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Tobee® 14x12 and 12x10 Gravel Pumps Headed to Indonesia

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