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Upskill for Industry 4.0: The iPMP Smart Manufacturing at NAMTECH

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The future of manufacturing is smart, and NAMTECH is equipping individuals with the skills to thrive in it. Their International Professional Master's Program (iPMP) in Smart Manufacturing is designed to transform you into a future-ready Techno-Manager.

What is the iPMP Smart Manufacturing?

This fully residential, international twinning program is offered by NAMTECH in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia, Singapore. It builds upon your existing BE/BTech degree, providing a comprehensive understanding of Industry 4.0 principles and practical skills to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Why should you consider this program?

  • Become an Industry 4.0 Expert: Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies, including robotics, automation, and digital twins.

  • Develop Techno-Managerial Skills: Learn to integrate technical expertise with strong leadership and problem-solving skills, making you a valuable asset in any Industry 4.0 environment.

  • Gain Industry Exposure: Benefit from industry internships and project work with leading companies, giving you practical experience and valuable industry connections.

  • Learn from the Best: Be mentored by globally renowned faculty and thought leaders in smart manufacturing, gaining insights from experienced professionals.

  • Advance Your Career: Position yourself for leadership roles in the rapidly evolving manufacturing sector, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

Ready to embrace the future of manufacturing? Visit the NAMTECH website to learn more about the iPMP Smart Manufacturing program and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the exciting world of Industry 4.0.

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