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How to Restore and Merge WhatsApp Backups on iPhone

Posted By Rachel 7 days ago on Mobile Design - We agree it is very common that we need to merge the backup files of WhatsApp if you have multiple backups. This feature is missed by WhatsApp but the good news is it can be realized on iPhone now via a restoring tool. And if you are also looking for a way to restore and combine multiple backups of WhatsApp on iPhone, just follow this guide.

What to Choose as an Alternative to JavaScript?

Posted By Entony12 69 days ago on Mobile Design - Despite the fact that Donates is not the newest language on the web development market, it is a fairly good alternative to JavaScript. This language is a development and one of Google’s main pride, the purpose of which is to replace JavaScriptan object-oriented language. The main difference of Dart from JavaScript is that Dart abandoned the prototype inheritance system. Instead, Dart uses a more familiar object-oriented way of working.

3 Ways to Restore the WhatsApp Data on iPhone 12

Posted By Rachel 77 days ago on Mobile Design - It's common that we often switch to the new phone, such as the newly launched iPhone 12. And the iPhone always gives us the reasons to switch to the newest one by providing amazing features. When you switch to iPhone 12, you may want to copy all chat data of WhatsApp to this new device too. We know how disaster if we lose the important chats. That's the point, do you know you can restore all the WhatsApp data from the backup on your iPhone 12? You will not lose any old chats. Just go along with this article.