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Mobile Apps for COVID-19- Effective Way to Curb Infection

Posted By williamjohns 4 days ago on Mobile App - Globally, over 3.7 million people are infected with the coronavirus. Governments, health authorities, research centers, and NGOs work in sync to curb the spread of this invisible enemy of mankind. As this COVID-19 pandemic has crippled our lives and the economy, technology has now lent a helping hand. This dreaded disease is spread through direct

Expansion into the new age with pandemic driven innovations in online grocery Ap

Posted By harveyh 4 days ago on Mobile App - Grocery shopping is a daily activity that is carried out to fulfil the daily tasks in a household. This was affected when the Wuhan virus broke out and put the lives of the people at risk with human interactions. This restricted the livelihood in the busy hustles and made the world a place for no physical contacts. 

Latest UI UX Trends in Application Development

Posted By escale4176 8 days ago on Mobile App - The UI/UX designs of any applications are not limited to the looks and styles of the application, they also deeply affect the architecture of the application.

Let’s discuss some trending UI/UX designs in mobile application development.

Tipps für die Android App Entwicklung in Österreich

Posted By BRIGHTDIGITAL 9 days ago on Mobile App - Die Nachfrage nach der Android App Entwicklung in Österreich ist durch die gegenwärtige Digitalisierung für die meisten Unternehmen stark gestiegen. Derzeit gibt es mehr als 2,6 Millionen mobile Apps im Google Play Store, der jedes Mal größer wird.