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App Contact, Reviews and Alternative Applications. Get unbaised reviews, NLP legitimacy & safety analysis and buyer recommendations for business & personal software. helps you discover the truth about apps.

App Insights

We use machine learning and crowdsourced reviews from thousands of users, to extract insights and to generate reports which can tell you with high accuracy, whether to use an App or not.

Uncensored Reviews

Read uncensored reviews from real users. Report your own frustrations by leaving reviews. See the experiences of other users before you buy any software.

How Safe is that app?

Is an App a scam? Is it safe or legit? Will it sell your data? Discover how safe or legit an App is with our Safety and Legitimacy scores - the first of its kind in the mobile apps industry.

Report issues with Apps exposes the contact details of Apps so you can get in touch with them - to report any issue or problem you encounter, to delete your data or account and to cancel subscriptions.


Keep yourself safe online. Contact Apps to delete your data or account and to cancel your subscriptions. Developers go to great lengths to hide contact details. We go to great lengths to expose it.

Subscriptions Management

Manage your subscriptions with Lots of Apps make it so easy to Subscribe but a nightmare to Cancel. We will send you timely reminders to make sure an unplanned payment never happens again.

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