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Are you using free backlinks sites for automating social media?

Posted By travmies 9 days ago on Marketing -

I have been using a free social media sharing platform for sometime, but never felt until now that I should write my own SocialAdr review outlaying why you should be using this free platform

To get started, the main thing I like about SocialAdr that the idea is so simply and even simpler to use. Many backlinking and sharing programs are just too complex and needy for something that we want to be quick and effective. SocialAdr lets the user set everything up and then get on with their day without too much fuss.

So, what does SocialAdr basically do?

It mainly builds backlinks via social bookmarketing sites such as APSense, Plurk and Instapaper. I believed originally that this method would not be adequate enough to influence my sites ranking or traffic, but how wrong can you be. Of course, there is always the risk of being penalized by Google, but because the links are submitted by real people there is no footprint for the user. This is great, because in a very short amount of time you will  see an increase in traffic on the webpage you are promoting.

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