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Tư vấn sử dụng máy chấm công cho nhà hàng - quán cafe

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Tư vấn sử dụng Máy chấm công vân tay chính hãng phù hợp cho các chuỗi cửa hàng - nhà hàng - quán cafe. Máy chấm công vân tay sử dụng tối ưu hóa cho các quán cafe với nhiều ca làm nâng cao năng xuất làm việc

marble table top

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At the first, we have to say that our customers mainly are distributor and importers.In general, we produce and sell stone product in whole container. But we know the marble table top often without big quantity demand. Accordingly, we can produce it in small quantity. For instance,20pcs or 100pcs,etc. But the MOQ quantity is 20pcs at 1 time.Except the customer also has other stone products in same container. That can make sure shipping cost is not too expensive for buyer.

Above all, our company also with after sold service. Especially,we also can guarantee every piece of marble table top for 5 years. If there has any damage,we will free compensate.This product made by Italy Calacatta white marble.


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