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A World with No Password - Dreams come True: Google

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Google is going to introduce with its latest version of Google Play Services the Android 7.0 and above users will not have to use password for any apps or websites. The company announced that it will use fingerprint or PIN to log in various services by using FIDO2 a standard developed by FIDO.

Facebook is frisking with your Personal Data ....!!! Another Level of Data Row

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"Millions of smartphone users confess their most intimate secrets to apps, including when they want to work on their belly fat or the price of the house they checked out last weekend. Other apps know users’ body weight, blood pressure, menstrual cycles or pregnancy status.”

Le Plus Grand Secret de La Creation

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LA CROISSANCE « BIOLOGIQUE » DES CARRÉS DES NOMBRES ISODIGITES. Je présente un Nouveau modèle mathématique de la vie et reproduction des êtres vivants via les divisions cellulaires (méiotique et... by jdiasoluka in Types > Creative Writing, adn, and génétique

Rough road ahead for the overseas online retailers in India

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India outlined a new draft policy to govern its growing e-commerce sector that would protect domestic firms and may further restrict the way foreign companies operate within the country. The draft, published on Saturday, called for data to be stored locally and for the setting up of more data centers and sever farms within the country.

महाशिवरात्रि पर्व - 4 मार्च, सोमवार 2019

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महाशिवरात्रि के पर्व पर व्रत, दर्शन, पूजन और अनुष्ठान से भगवान शिव को प्रसन्न किया जाता है। Maha Shivratri date time, इस वर्ष कब है महाशिवरात्रि का पर्व, Maha Shivratri Puja Vidhi Muhurat.