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Will Or Will Not?? Dino Take The Credit Of Bringing The Duo Saif & Sara Together

Posted By mayapurihindi 23 days ago on latest news -

Director /Producer Dinesh Vijan who has also the credit of working  with Saif Ali Khan, Also Saif’s daughter Sara is the next rising start in te industry so the obvious question is will or will not Dino take the credit of bringing  the duo father …daughter together on screen at some point of time…However Dinesh Vijan does not believe in launching any actor without being ready with the script ….

Vulnerabilities found in Smart Home Appliances - Digital Hazard for Humanity & I

Posted By dolithapa 23 days ago on latest news -

It is estimated that by 2020, not so far from now, 20.4 billion smart home devices will be installed. Nearly doubling the number installed this year alone, there are IoT devices heated towards the whole family, from mom, dad, kids, and even pets. With this growing popularity though, security concerns grow as well — ignoring the safety and integrity of these devices enables risk.

Apple Sharing Sensitive User Data With Facebook by its Popular Apps ...!!!

Posted By dolithapa 24 days ago on latest news -

But when The Wall Street Journal looked into 70 of the most popular iOS apps, it found out that 11 of them were sharing sensitive user data related to their health, location and much more with a company, accused and lambaste several times in the past for not taking its users’ privacy seriously, in a covert manner.