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Yoga Madrid

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Sweet Home Yoga Madrid

Yoga Madrid, en pleno barrio de las letras, Ashtanga, Hatha con props, Vinyasa, yoga prenatal, ven a visitarnos.

Para avanzar en Yoga hay que ser consciente de que todo lleva su proceso y que será un proceso más o menos largo. Dependerá de la persona, de su disciplina y de su práctica, pero para todos conlleva trabajo, esfuerzo y dedicación. 

No necesitas nada, sólo apúntate y ven a practicar. Descubrirás todo lo que te aporta y lo bien que te sientes!!

Complete Guide to Pilates Equipment

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Pilates Machine was created by Joseph Pilates, a physical trainer in the 1920s to treat specific groups such as dancers, athletes, and soldiers returning from war. Pilates focuses more on healing, rehabilitation, and strengthening of the body.

Remédios caseiros e homeopáticos para osteoporose

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Os remédios caseiros para osteoporose podem ser feitos com plantas medicinais com ação estrogênica, como o Trevo-vermelho, Calêndula, Alcaçuz, Sálvia ou Lúpulo e ervas ricas em cálcio, como Urtiga, Dente-de-Leão, Cavalinha, Endro ou Bodelha, por exemplo.

Why Does Nephrotic Syndrome Causes Massive Proteinuria

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The water and solutes in the blood are filtered into the renal follicle through the glomeruli to form the urine, which must pass through the endothelial cells, basement membrane and epithelial cells of the capillary wall. This three-layer s

What Is Cerebral Infarction and What Is the Treatment

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Cerebral infarction is a kind of chronic progressive disease. In the process of treatment, it has frequent relapse, which severely shakes patients confidence and enthusiasm. And because it can cause brain damage and even disability, you sho

Moderate Exercise Can Enhance The Treatment Effect of Tumor

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Recently, researchers from the Kansas state university found that regular brisk walking and jogging may have important effect to improve the effect of the treatment of tumor patients, and moderate exercise can also help patients against the

High Creatinine in Diabetic Nephropathy: What to Do

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The increase of creatinine means that Diabetes leads to the damage of the kidney, which is the pathological symptom of the progressive aggravation of Diabetic Nephropathy. At the same time, the increase of creatinine is also the signal to r