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Medical Oxygen Plant Manufacturers In Delhi | Oxygen For Hospitals in India

Posted By nitrogenium 13 days ago on Health - Medical oxygen plant manufacturers in Delhi India the constant high demand healthcare staff is relieved from making requests for oxygen cylinders time and again for hospitals at Affordable Prices.

In Vitro Transcription RNA Synthesis

Posted By synbiotech51 13 days ago on Health - Synbio Technologies has developed nucleotides, polymerases, modified enzymes and kits for highly-efficient transcription of capped RNA, large-scale transcription and transcription reaction based on DNA template such as plasmids, PCR products, etc. Our RNA Transcription Synthesis services include design as well as gene synthesis using plasmid containing a bacteriophage promoter (such as T7, T3 or SP6).

CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing

Posted By synbiotech51 13 days ago on Health - After the fragments encoding Cas9 and sgRNA are transfected into cells through plasmids or other means, Cas9 cuts the target genome at a specific site, causing DNA double-strand break (DSB). Synbio Technologies uses amplicon sequencing to test the results of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, as well as to analyze off-target effects, which helps researchers quickly locate gene mutation sites and study gene functions.

Antibody Humanization Service

Posted By synbiotech51 13 days ago on Health - Synbio Technologies has developed an integrated antibody humanization and affinity maturation platform based on the advanced phage/yeast display technologies and progressive computer modeling and simulation techniques. Collectively, we have combined methods from bioinformatics and structural biology to optimize our approach toward integrated antibody humanization. Our antibody humanization services include in silico CDR-grafting, computer-aided design and optimization, high-throughput screening of phage-display antibodies, and Biacore surface resonance analysis.

How Disinfectant Spray Functions by Thomas Wils

Posted By ourinfo 13 days ago on Health - Singapore disinfectant spray is a substance splashed on surfaces or subjects to eliminate or damage bacteria living on it. The ideal disinfectants will certainly be able to kill all bacteria without damaging people or destructive surface areas.

Single Domain Antibody (sdAb) Service

Posted By synbiotech51 13 days ago on Health - Recombinant antibodies, such as single domain antibodies (sdAb), are a new generation of engineered antibody fragment that consist of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. sdAb is smaller, more soluble, and has higher stabilities than conventional antibodies. sdAb also features higher permeability, lower immunogenicity, and both simple and cost-effective production procedures.