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Seven Steps to Help Diabetics Protect Kidneys

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Diabetic Nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes and one of the manifestations of diabetic systemic microangiopathy. Its clinical features include proteinuria, progressive renal function damage, hypertension, edema, and severe rena

Treatment of IgA Nephropathy: Leflunomide + Small Dose Steroid

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In the world, glomerulonephritis is the leading cause of kidney failure. And IgA Nephropathy is the most common form of glomerulonephritis, accounting for 40% to 50% of glomerulonephritis. Within 10 to 20 years, 20% to 40% of patients with

What Can Be Done To Help Women Prevent Heart Disease

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What can be done to help women prevent heart disease? I believe this is the question that people want to know and understand. I collect relevant information for you and hope to give you some help. What measures can help women prevent heart

Veja os benefícios das folhas de caruru para a saúde

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O caruru serve para ajudar a combater infecções no organismo e auxiliar no tratamento de problemas hepáticos. Essa planta ajuda também a combater a osteoporose e a fortalecer os ossos e dentes porque é muito rica em cálcio.

Can Dialysis Treat Kidney Failure Well

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Dialysis is a fact that Kidney Failure patients must face. It can purify blood and maintain life. But dialysis only removes wastes from the blood and has little effect on the underlying cause-kidney fibrosis, of kidney disease. So dialysis

4 Methods to Treat Early Diabetes

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The early symptoms of Diabetes are insidious and difficult to detect. If patients with diabetes can be timely treated in the early stage, the effect of blood glucose control will be very good, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of

Chronic Kidney Failure Can Affect Respiratory System

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Due to the disorder of internal environment and low immune function, Chronic Kidney Failure patients are prone to suffer from lung lesions under the influence of internal and external pathogenic factors, mainly including uremic lung, pulmon