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Medical costs and transportation repairs

Posted By echo1268 998 days ago on Health - My husband Fred has a very rare blood disease called Evan’s Syndrome. Am he is only 42 yrs old. Two years ago he suffered a stroke which can be a part of the syndrome as there is not enough blood getting to the brain. The survival rate is not good and the medicines on the market only treat the symptoms as there is no cure. He can go from having a normal blood platelet count of 300,00 to 1000. we travel to the doctor 2-3 times a week with a 20 yrs old Nissan pathfinder. Believe me is we could get another one we would. right now we need tierod ends, Ball joints and control arms as well as brakes and rotars. Our income barely covers out rent and due to the new laws in the States i Indiana we make$35 too much to qualify for SNAP so our money goes for the meds we need a month and we use the food banks. Please help if you can, if you can we understand as things are tight everywhere. It would just make me feel safe with my husband traveling to the doctor so much to be safe. If he gets into an accident and he is bleeding then life flight has to be called to take him to the closest hospital to get him in good enough condition to transfer him to a hospital better able to handle hi case. I encourage you to go and look up Evan’s Syndrome and ITP. There are very serious diseases affected not only people my age but babies and children. As I started before THERE IS NO CURE. there are only medicines to manage the symptoms and many of these medicines have horrible side effects
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