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Jean-Marc Lozach - Transportation - JokkoText

Posted By jmlozach 11 days ago on Entertainment - Transportation est un album de 5 titres de Jean-Marc Lozach sorti le 09-07-2020 sous le label Distrokid, disponible en telechargement legal par credit telephonique, paiement mobile ou carte bancaire sur JokkoText. je suis un guitariste improvisateur. Je me cale sur le rythme et me ballade avec la mélodie. Parfois, je fais d'autres styles de musique. . JokkoText est un service d'ajout et de vente de musique en ligne pour les artistes , adapté aux réalités spécifiques du pays correspondant. Les mélomanes peuvent acheter leurs sons préférés par SMS surtaxés dans plus de 30 pays, par Carte Bancaire ou par les services de Mobile Money comme Orange Money et Joni Joni au Sénégal. Le rôle de Jokkotext est de faciliter la vente de la musique en Afrique et dans le monde en passant par le mobile avec un accès simplifié, l'inscription et l'ajout de musique se faisant totalement en ligne.

Saint Maud review – a chilling nurse on a mission from God | Horror films

Posted By jackmaison 12 days ago on Entertainment - Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle are terrific as carer and patient in Rose Glass’s extraordinary psychological horror. To save a soul, that’s quite something.” So says Maud, the newly God-fearing subject of Rose Glass’s electrifying debut feature, which establishes the writer-director as a thrilling new talent in British cinema. Charting a razor-sharp course between the borders of horror, satire, psychodrama and lonely character study (Taxi Driver has been cited as an influence), Saint Maud is a taut, sinewy treat, blessed with an impressively fluid visual sensibility and boosted by two quite brilliant central performances.

Review: Gabriels Redemption (#3, Gabriels Inferno) by Sylvain Reynard

Posted By jackmaison 12 days ago on Entertainment - My Thoughts Passionate. Romantic. Enrapturing. I was instantly absorbed again by Gabriel and Julia's story as they battle their insecurities, their past and their hopes for their future. It was a perfect conclusion to one of my all-time favorite series. It was almost exactly at this time one year ago that I finished reading book 2 of the series, Gabriel's Inferno Part 3. I was captivated by the striking dichotomy between Professor Gabriel Emerson’s profound brokenness and fearless arrogance. How could a man so intelligent and bold who seemingly had the world in his hands be so deeply shattered by his past? The series enthralled me. I was so pulled in by its characters whom were so well developed and nuanced. The books were well written, the words infused with passion and romance. The English nerd in me reveled with each literature reference and the entangled life of Academia felt all-too familiar and intriguing. (In true SR parenthetic style, it should be noted that I indeed am married to a professor myself.) So, I began to read this third installment with a year to slow the original momentum of my experience and I admittedly feared it wouldn’t have the same impact it had so many months ago. I was wrong, however. I was instantly transported back into the intensity, volatility and passion of Gabriel and Julianne’s love story.