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Posted By excpomelo 19 days ago on Entertainment - 90phut TV hay được nhiều người biết đến như là nơi cập nhật đường link xem trực tiếp bóng đá chất lượng cao những trận cầu đỉnh cao trên thế giới một cách dễ dàng nhất.

Bridgerton review – Netflix's answer to Downton Abbey is a moreish treat | Television

Posted By jackmaison 20 days ago on Entertainment - Preposterous and cliche-ridden, this tale of Regency intrigue – with Julie Andrews giving a Georgian Gossip Girl touch – nonetheless leaves you wanting more.  It cannot be – no, most assuredly and for the good of humanity, it cannot be – that there are people out there who aspire to write like Julian Fellowes. It simply cannot be. And yet. Now has come Bridgerton Season 1, suddenly into our lives, and as the minutes and the hours and the eight episodes of the new costume drama roll, the thought becomes ever more inescapable. For Bridgerton is the tale, set in 1813 Bath, of the Regency rivalry between the lordly Bridgerton family and the lordly Featherington family who are each keen to be seen as the most lordly of lordly families and lord it mostly lordily over the rest of Regency Bath’s Regency high society. We are in the Regency period, btw, and Bath. I, like the writers of the show, wish to make this very clear.