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Caster wheel white

Posted By himalayansolution 378 days ago on Development -

This  Caster Wheel  supports small and medium sized robots. The nylon wheel is 21mm in diameter and the entire part is 33mm tall. The wheel is supported by a metal frame and strong enough for using as a front part of DIY robots. This wheel would not scratch the floor and has shcok absorption feature.

3mm Photo Diode Led

Posted By himalayansolution 333 days ago on Development - A 3mm photodiode is a semiconductor device that converts light into voltage or current, based on the mode of operation of the device. It has fast response times with high speed detector and radiant sensitivity. It can be used in Game machine, Automatic door sensor, Copier etc.

Full Stack Developer Online Training

Posted By vepambattuchan 347 days ago on Development - A full stack developer works on both front-end and back-end operations. To have full stack developer skills, you don’t necessarily have to know every language. If you have the understanding of building a web application, you can easily become a full stack developer! You have Visualpath guidance and expertise to give you a push in this fast developing IT domain. If you can code in PHP, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript this is the right choice of job for you! A full stack developer can easily guide any project to a success as it’s the best of both worlds. As a full stack developer, you will gain knowledge in databases, servers, UI, and business requirements.

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