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Remote Work - Opportunities and Challenges for Development Companies

Posted By i4technolabnl 37 days ago on Development - According to a research by Global workforce analytics, almost 50 percent of the workforce working remotely, whereas 80-90 percent of the workforce admitted that they would love to work remotely.

Magento 2: How to Get Order Details with Custom Extension Attributes using REST API

Posted By magecomp 37 days ago on Development - By default, Magento 2 does not return that custom extension attributes values. In this case, we can get order details with custom extension attributes using REST API.

قرية المونت جلالة العين السخنة

Posted By aqarround 39 days ago on Development - قرية المونت جلالة العين السخنة Il Monte Galala Sokhna وتطل على أجمل شواطئ البحر الأحمر سوف تقوم بدفع مقدم 5% و بالتقسيط على 10 سنوات