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Web Development Company Delhi

Posted By Shivanibedi 56 days ago on Development - Web development companies can provide a good range of services which will assure you that your website won’t crash all of a sudden or encounter other problems. Unless you’re an expert on website creation and development, there are things that are best left to the specialists. Besides, you don’t need to handle the headaches of building an internet site. Innovatia Possess the technical skills & processes to deliver high performing websites

Augmented reality library

Posted By Entony12 57 days ago on Development - Our developers have built ARFaceDetection library that allows you to put an image above the head and it moves synchronously with head tilts. This guide will help you create a similar library or integrate our solution into your app. Check it out in Cleveroad blog.

How to Change Copyright Notice in Magento 2 - MageComp

Posted By magecomp 58 days ago on Development - Magento 2 provides an easy way to edit a copyright notice, you can easily update the copyright text of your Magento 2 store through the admin panel. Let’s start with How to Change Copyright Notice in Magento 2.

multi vendor ecommerce marketplace software

Posted By georgestan 61 days ago on Development - The Multi-vendor marketplace is one of the most trusted and efficient business models in the eCommerce business. Developing a multi-vendor marketplace mobile application is the most challenging and tedious task considering the competition found in the market. Rated as the best among the top eCommerce app development companies, Soft Suave builds B2C multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace apps with customized requirements.