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Guide to Remote Development teams

Posted By aglowidseo 11 days ago on Development -

In today's trending Tech-world, remote development teams have become quite frequent and beneficial for both Developers and companies. For the company, a remote team means reduced costs, as it can save on office rent and hardware and for the team members, working remotely means more freedom in…

Outsourcing Benefits & Risks

Posted By aglowidseo 18 days ago on Development -

Outsourcing has become one of the increasing trends nowadays. Individuals, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and companies hire remote workers to get their project completed at a reduced cost. At the same time, outsourcing helps enterprises frees up time and focus more on core business process. Outsourcing is a process of shifting the jobs or tasks to the external workforce for an ample amount of time.  

How Would IoT Drive Logistics Sector To Next Level?

Posted By SmartSight 23 days ago on Development -

Every year, around 30 percent of the perishable produce left from farms fails to make it to the dinner table. Efforts are always being made to control such a disheartening level of waste. Logistics companies are playing a crucial role in the same. There are a new set of customer expectations and needs from this sector. They are not just responsible for moving goods from point A to B anymore.

Companies are tasked with storing and transporting the product at the right time, in exact quantity, condition, to the desired location marked by the customer. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is helping logistics firms in these tasks. 

At present, IoT applications Development is helping in supply chain analysis, inventory management, vehicle tracking, fleet maintenance, and automation of various processes. Slowly but steadily, the IoT solutions introduced to the domain are revolutionizing it even further.