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How to Combine External JavaScript in WordPress? - WPSchool

Posted By WPschool 3 days ago on Developer - Website loading speed is critical for the success of the site. There are lots of ways to optimize WordPress for speed & performance. Combining external JavaScript is one of the many. Having combined external JavaScript is a small but neat method that can escalate the loading speed of the site. Learn how to combine external Javascript to fasten up the speed of the website. Slow loading site is a problem for the user experience.

How to Clear WordPress Cache?

Posted By WPschool 3 days ago on Developer - Clear WordPress cache is standard advice you will get during the WordPress troubleshooting. Web browser, hosting servers, caching plugins, and even proxies store cache and serve content from there. Caching improves the loading speed of web pages, but it loads outdated content. You need to clear the WordPress cache after updating the content, so the updated content loads from the webserver, instead of the user’s browser. In this quick tutorial, learn how to clear the WordPress cache properly, so when you update or make changes to the site, it could be visible to the visitors. Learn WordPress from WPschool 

How to Create QR Code of invoice ID and add it to Magento 2 invoice PDF

Posted By magecomp 4 days ago on Developer - By default, Magento QR Code functionality is not provided in the invoice PDF. To Create QR code of invoice ID and add it to the Magento 2 invoice PDF, you need to install the QRcode library in your Magento: “composer require aferrandini/phpqrcode”.