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Posted By ApostleofGod7 769 days ago on Articles - Greetings friends and brethren in ALL the churches of God worldwide and all of you listening around the world! I'd like to dedicate this show ESPECIALLY to my Dear and loving mate: GIGI! We both been thru trying times and difficulties these past two days, there has been a lot of conflict, arguing, and instability in our relationship. This off course is due to the fact that "SUPERNATURAL" and EVIL FORCES have tried to create ALL sorts of problems between us both causing us to HURT each other not only physically but also in words and attitudes towards one another. The result has been a tremendous PAIN and ANGUISH and an "overwhelming" sadness in our hearts! But as they say "After the storm comes the calmness" and God in his loving mercy, kindness and GRACE has reconciled us both in LOVE! Because He is himself love and is always in the business of RECONCILIATION, JOY, PEACE, HARMONY and UNDERSTANDING! And as I said to my sweet Gigi many times the ENEMY only comes to "STEAL, KILL and DESTROY!" So he came to steal our peace, our love and our JOY from our hearts, and to try to kill this God ordained relationship and love we both have and to DESTROY our FAITH, our HOPE and our GREAT LOVE!
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