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Oil Yield and Physiochemical Properties of balanites aegyptiaca (l.) del. Kernel

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The oil yield and physiochemical properties of Balanites aegyptiaca oil were investigated .The aim is to seek and established another seed oil as substitute to groundnut oil using local optimization approach as the locals. Balanites fruits were source from different locations within Yobe State, Nigeria. Fruits collected were crushed and the kernel extracted and dried. The kernels were subjected to three (3) different treatments of toasting at (50-70) 0c only for 20 -25 minutes, boiling at (100. 0c  for 25-30minutes) and toasting (45-50. 0c  for20-25 minutes)   and the third stage of treatments as soaking overnight at ambient temperature (34-35) 0c and toasting as well at (45-50 oc.for 20-25 minute). Toasted groundnut seeds were used as the fourth treatment and served as the control. The oil from the milled flour was mechanically expelled using centrifugal screw which is semi-automated for oil expelling from entrapped increase surface area. The oil yields from the roasted, boiled and soaked Balanites kernels were 50%, 26% and 21% crude oil yield respectively while the control (groundnut seed oil) had 23%. Physiochemical analysis of the oil samples from the varied process treatments of Balanites kernel revealed the moisture content of 0.05–0.059%, acid value of 4.44mg/KOH/g, saponfication value of 193.54 –198.81mg/KOH/g, iodine values of 64 – 80wijis, peroxide value of 4.40 – 61.20meq/kg, unsaponifiable matter of 0.0044 – 0.0070mg/KOH/g, free fatty acid of 1.085 – 4.22mgKOH/g, viscosity of 45 – 48.0mpa/

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s and refractive index of 1.502 – 1.8 at 360C. The results revealed that Balanites seed when boiled and soaked had better physiochemical properties than groundnut oil, however with low oil yield. This could provide good quality oil to food, pharmaceutical and for bioenergy generation industry.

Keyword; Balanites aegyptiaca, Kernels, oil yield, physiochemical properties


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